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It’s hard to ignore a flyer hanging on your doorknob when you arrive home from work, or seeing a poster or flyer at your favorite coffee shop.
Guerrilla marketing is here to stay, and the return on investment is superior to direct mail for less than you may expect.

A grassroots distribution campaign is an effective and necessary follow-up to your tv/radio and billboard advertising campaign.

Retail Poster & Flyer Distribution
We Bring People To Your Event! using tried and true grassroots marketing techniques. We place storefront posters in windows and doorways that are street-visible to passersby, as well as flyer drop-offs with point of purchase displays. Positioning is key, try our literature holders to stand out!
Residential Distribution
Door Hanger Delivery Nationwide for your business. We place door hangers, flyers and samples on doorknobs in residential neighborhoods targeted to your consumer demographics. Dollar for dollar, residential distribution results in one of the best returns on investment of any type of print advertising on the market. The success of direct marketing with door hangers is, "You have to touch it to remove it" from the doorknob, so it doesn’t get tossed away as easily as direct mail. Try our blanket “saturation” or “spotting” distribution for your next campaign.
Converting customers to advocates
Our “Brand Ambassadors” will handout your printed material or samples directly to your target consumer at high trafficked locations, convention halls, concert halls & festivals. Ask about how we can get your product, event or service directly to your target consumer while they’re at a targeted venue or event!
Eyes on your business
Target any demographic by zip code, city, county, state or even a simple map with the areas highlighted that you want covered. We can reach your target market by age, ethnicity or any other demographic. You will receive a mapped out area prior to distribution for your approval — this way you know exactly where your flyers are going.
Leave a lasting impression
For all Distributions we provide #Proof upon completion of your promotional campaign. A link to a dropbox is sent to your email which gives you photos of the target area covered. Our Residential provides photos of the door front with the door hanger on the doorknob or the flyer in the door jam. Our Retail shows you via digital photograph; the name of the store and the placement of your collateral. All photos are taken during the distribution. GPS tracking only available for larger residential distributions provided by client.
From Idea To Print
We offer full service, in-house design from concept to printed piece. Our experienced design pros can guide you in creating a successful direct marketing flyer, door hanger or poster. We know how to make your phone ring!
"The response from the post-it note D2D was great! It helped our business tremendously. Working with you your company was a smooth and easy transaction from start to finish. No hassle ordering and I will continue using you on a regular basis"
Barry | BCS Real Estate Investments. LLC
"Your company completed a post-it note D2D campaign for me a few months ago related to my real estate investing business and it worked out great! Keep up the good work!"
Greg | Active Environmental


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